Trained practitioners are effective practitioners. Trained teams are cost-effective teams. We learn and relearn these lessons every day. And now we share them with you.

User Training Workshops

WordPress is covered extensively online, but some users prefer to learn in human-teaching-human training experiences. In our User Training Workshops, we'll show you everything you need to know, tailored to the specific capabilities of your own user account.

Add some demos, practical exercises, and even homework assignments, all executed on your own website, and you'll be well on your way to true mastery after your very first session.

Professional Training Workshops

WordPress professionals are already accustomed to doing their own research and learning new techniques independently. But there is often a difference between learning in generic experimental sandboxes and actual released (or pre-release) projects. And there is certainly a difference between learning alone and learning with the team that supports your actual project.

Whether you need actionable detail about Page Builder development or building without Page Builders, content development and information architecture, a deep dive into coding in a VM-driven environment, or even WP-CLI geeky goodness and the like, we got you covered. Workshop sessions with detailed walkthroughs, buddy dev tasks, and homework assignments, all implemented within your actual project and properly commented and committed for future reference.

Premium Discovery Workshop

The discovery process is critical to project success. This is when we determine what you actually need so we can deliver accurately.

Often, all discovery information can be collected with a combination of carefully crafted questionnaires and a series of follow-up confirmation and clarification meetings.

Sometimes, however, more time and effort are needed to conduct an effective discovery even before we can establish terms and conditions, sign agreements, and even know whether we are indeed a good fit for each other. This can happen in project teams that just don't have the required background to answer certain questions, and we need to teach key concepts before work plans can be defined. It can also happen when an organization is stuck in a difficult position with past versions of a project that needs to be dropped. And, of course, there are many other circumstances that might require us all to go farther than is commonly done during discovery.

If you are facing this sort of challenge, we can help with a Premium Discovery Workshop. By the time we're done, you'll know what you need to do to move forward and whether you want to do so with us. And if you choose to go elsewhere for actual project implementation, you can take the work product of this consulting engagement to guide you and your chosen provider.

Live Fire Exercises

If you've already attended our User Training Workshops (and maybe even our Professional Training Workshops), and want occasional co-working intensive production sessions in which your staff and ours work together to build more of what you already have in your project, Live Fire Exercises might be for you.

We'll work together at your workstations or in virtual meetings to create more code or content in support of your advancing online goals. Rather than demos and walkthroughs, we'll take turns on some tasks, and work concurrently on others. And when we're done, your code or content will have grown as required to meet your live fire objectives.

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