We are Ehven Consultants!

A WordPress DevOps and Web IT Shoppe in the United States. We craft secure and performant WordPress solutions that are finely tuned to user needs and project objectives. And we serve site teams, agencies and creatives that can't and won't settle for second best.


We have a combined history of over four decades implementing projects on the web, including engagements in technology companies (like Microsoft), media companies (like MSNBC), healthcare (Group Health Cooperative), and more, including nonprofits, consulting firms, education sector, and various small businesses.

Our careers have included jobs and assignments in programming, design and development, operations, support and training.

Over the course of our careers, as well as our time at Ehven Consultants (Ehventerprise LLC), we have been blessed to work on some of the best-executed projects anyone could ever hope to touch. We've also been blessed to work on some of the very worst messes to ever be released to the public (plus at least two projects that were such stinkers that they never even saw the light of day). It's hard to think of troubled projects as a blessing, save for one important factor: Learning what NOT to do is very valuable. In fact, much of the impetus to create this company came from the fervent belief that our amazing positive experiences, when viewed optimistically alongside our negative ones, formed a combined history that rendered us uniquely suited to start a new kind of web implementation and care firm. And so we did.


We all tend to expect and hope that the providers we hire have made genuine commitments to honesty, quality and service. And, indeed, today's diverse markets and research tools make it fairly easy to find providers that have committed to the values we hold dear.


Access to the web and the power to use it effectively and to profitable advantage are sometimes limited by complexity. Democratization of technology in general (and of the web in particular) is a laudable goal that can benefit everyone because the web, like many other technology realms, is a truly endless resource that need not be reserved or rationed. Improving access and utility requires a commitment to due diligence in the selection of tools and techniques, thoughtful implementation that accounts for applicable standards, and long-term maintenance and growth practices.

Aaccess to web power are also frequently threatened by willfully difficult language employed by some to boost stature or bewilder users, locking in their clients by fear alone. True democratization in this space must also include a commitment to clear and transparent relationships. And when the topic at hand is indeed unavoidably complex, a commitment to genuine user education becomes key.


Quality benefits all participants in a project: Clients win with a property that serves their interests as intended. Providers win with better margins that are made possible by an ever-improving reputation and reduced waste and rework that are inherent to lower-quality implementations. But shortcuts, skipped steps, and other quality-lowering errors and commissions are inevitable in weak processes, and improperly scheduled or resourced delivery plans. A true commitment to quality must include well-implemented processes that are trackable and transparent, schedules that honestly reflect the capabilities of the provider, and the right combination of human and technology resources to actually achieve the goals to which all parties have committed.


Our company name is also our family name, and we are a family-owned and operated business.


The Core Team is staffed by 2 generations of Ehvens. Our CEO, Mihal Ehven, is a technologist, marketer, and manager. Our CTO, Gilad Ehven, is a technologist and a teacher.

Rounding out the Core Team are Schneur Zalman Ehven (Business Development Associate) and Sheina Shira Ehven (Digital Art Associate).


Joining the Core Team in delivering and maintaining our solutions, are our Datacenter Teams (GCP and AWS), the Content Development team, and the Outsource Resources team.

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