Performant, secure, and expandable projects for owners, agencies, and more. This is why we do what we do.

Our approach offers well-defined and valuable benefits to your business, your users, and your peace of mind.

Productivity and Profitability

Modern websites, whether "simple" online brochures, or business backbone workhorses (e-commerce, events, memberships, etc), or anything in between, should be among the most productive tools used by their teams. Properly leveraged, your website can even become a profit center rather than a cost center! Creating truly productive and profitable websites requires close collaboration with your providers, and it's this collaboration that we prize most among the many features of a healthy team-to-team relationship!

Usability and Utility

The usability of your website includes global concerns (such as accessibility), as well as project-specific concerns (such as workflow and requirements documentation, tailored to your project, easily accessible directly in the pages of your own Admin).

The utility of your website is defined by how well its features address your needs (versus a provider's need to sell another license, for example).

Modularized construction increases our capacity to deliver on both of these important goals.

Agility and Expandability

Agile websites include tools and support processes that allow providers to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to client change requests. Instead of waiting days for style refinements, clients can often expect to only wait a few hours. Instead of waiting weeks for design or functionality changes, client change requests can often be satisfied within days.

The very same agility that allows for effective and timely fulfillment of "one-off" client requests can also be leveraged for deeper changes. Even extensive expansions of existing capabilities and the incorporation of new capabilities take less time and cost less when projects are implemented in the manner we advocate and practice.

Safe Resourcing Model

Modern website projects require careful resourcing when quality and reliability are key. Human resources, scheduling (time resources), software and service licenses, all need to be allocated realistically to prevent delivery delays and skipped steps.

Project resourcing at generally covers no less than 2 practitioners per project feature (with at least one outsource backup). Time resources are assigned in fixed amounts within scheduled blocks, and we even invite project stakeholders to join us for occasional work parties (optional), should stakeholders be interested in seeing what we actually do and how. Licenses and other material resources can be managed by us or by project staff after we fully demonstrate the differences between these options (costs, time commitments, required expertise, etc).


Page load speeds and user interaction metrics are important, especially in the age of Google Core Web Vitals.

Our performance strategy includes nine essentials: 1 Timely tested updates of all plugins and themes, 2 Memory enhancements, 3 Frequent (and tested) database cleanups, 4 Database enhancements that reduce table bloat, improve lookup speed, and more, 5 Image optimization for Media Library assets, 6 Dynamically resized images served from CDN, 7 Content compression and file minification, 8 Multilayered cache, and 9 Optional premium Redis cache.


Website security, and the privacy and security of user data, are not optional on the modern-day web. Skimping in this area can destroy a project, damage the company that owns it, and land stakeholders in legal trouble.

Our security strategy includes nine essentials: 1 Top-tier data centers (managed data centers also include 24/7/365 human monitoring, 2 Cloudflare security services (including enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection), 3 IP address banning and filtration based upon geolocation rules and failed login barrages, 4 Managed SSL/TLS certificates, 5 Integrated vault system that stores service credentials in encrypted form, 6 Daily local backups, plus optional six-hour, hourly, or near-real-time backups, 7 Optional 2FA/MFA and U2F access control systems, 8 Optional Authy integrations for qualified services (rotating passwords every 20 seconds), and 9 Hack cleanup guarantees (in managed data centers).


WordPress is good with SEO out of the box, but there is more that can be done to make your website content attractive to search engines. Our preferred approach includes The SEO Framework or Rank Math (two leading WordPress plugins) for base SEO, plus Schema Markup implementations (also known as Structured Data) to clarify your intent to the search engines, power Rich Snippets (detailed search results that showcase your content more extensively than regular search results, thereby driving more traffic to your website), and more.

For Website Owners and Staff

Owners and staffers are primarily interested in using their projects to meet or exceed the business goals for which each website was created (marketing, outreach, sales, etc), at the best possible level of effectiveness and quality, while maintaining the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Our offerings support these objectives with:

  1. Flexible implementations that are adjustable to real-world business conditions, both during initial implementation and well after launch, as required
  2. Ongoing development and care that evolve the project to meet or beat market expectations as standards change and requirements tighten
  3. Competitive pricing resulting from extensive automation and effective delivery processes

For Communications, IT, and Marketing Departments

Creative departments with website production duties are tasked with representing the organization online, adjusting site features and workflows as required to support evolving organizational structure and sector conditions, serving the web objectives of other departments within the organization even when these internal partners are short on effective web production culture, and controlling costs without unduly limiting capabilities.

Our offerings support these objectives with:

  1. Platforms and processes that easily accommodate third-party contributors that the organization wishes to include in the production process
  2. Requirements gathering practices that enable us to tune implementations to the organization's evolving requirements
  3. Documentation, training, and team-building options that support multi-discipline (or cross-team) production challenges
  4. Predictable invoicing practices that protect the organization from unplanned expenses that can disrupt other work

For Web Agencies

Agencies are expected to deliver projects and ongoing care for those projects in a timely and cost-effective manner while maintaining safe margins. Evolving technologies, security and compatibility challenges, and even client cooperation challenges, often distract from the agency's creative mission, compromise quality, and threaten profitability. Web agencies must overcome these challenges to be able to deliver on their agreements while also preserving the unique vision for which they are hired.

Our offerings support these objectives with:

  1. Packaged single-feature functionalities (Atomic Features) that are implemented with techniques that make each feature easier to create, customize, style, document and train, update, and even replace if required
  2. Repeatable processes that account for virtually any requirement and delivery condition
  3. Ongoing testing at all layers of the solution stack that focus on security, performance, compatibility, and more
  4. Tools that support agency-to-client cooperation, including fallback options that allow delivery even when certain client obligations have not been met

For Freelancers

Freelancer roles vary widely as they are sometimes expected to function as one-stop-shop agencies, while at other times, they may be expected to serve alongside existing teams or other outside service providers. And when implementation challenges arise anywhere near the area for which freelancers are hired, hiring entities will often expect freelancers to resolve such challenges even when they fall outside their wheelhouse. Freelancers often have to manage unrealistic or out-of-scope expectations or risk losing callback opportunities.

Our offerings support these objectives with:

  1. Feature and infrastructure solutions that freelancers need not master, implement, or support
  2. Expert partners that can augment freelancer capabilities or even take over duties that they may be uninterested in owning
  3. Solutions that can satisfy client requirements that are related to the freelancer's mission, yet outside the scope of their interests or core skills
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