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  • Please describe your Business Transformation efforts in brief and focus on aspects of these engagements that you consider successful (500 character maximum).
  • Please describe your Business Transformation efforts in brief and focus on aspects of these engagements that you consider unsuccessful (500 character maximum).
    Our Business Transformation Consulting services can be delivered in workshop formats, ridealong or embedded contributor formats, or a mixture of the above. In all cases, our deliverables include structured presentation meetings and other formal information gathering activities, as well as extensive reporting.

    Our Infrastructure Consulting services are delivered as ready-to-run and ready-to-build servers (or server suites), fully configured service dependencies, and all the documentation and support required to launch your project (or your client's project).

    All of our infrastructure solutions including initial expert implementation and configuration, wire-up to "best of breed" ongoing care (charged separately and detailed in the next question), and extensive customization options.
    Our Infrastructure Consulting Care Plans are delivered as managed maintenance agreements with regular reporting (where applicable).

    All of our infrastructure solutions including monthly care, unlimited configuration adaptations (DNS, application, security, etc), and emergency response (as defined in each service agreement).

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